You should really think about storing things in a db...mysql's free and
easy to use and install, and will save you lots of time (especially with
this kind of question)

If you're only trying to add something to line one, you could open a
file, read it, open a new one, print whatever you need to add to the new
one concatenated with the old line one, then the rest of the file...if
you have a specific line number it'll be harder...

Switching to a db is well worth it, believe me.....

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Subject: [PHP] I am making a mailing list but....

..... how do i make php add something to a text document on the smae
line cause i need the text document to look like this


so well, how do i get it to add on to line 1 and would i need it to make
the ";" go on the last line cause php cat delete things in txt

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