> $header="
> Content-type: application/pdf
> Content-type: application/x-octet-stream
> Content-Disposition: inline; filename=D:\\Pdf\\0226138097(57-77).pdf
> Content-Length: $len";

You need a separate header() call for each header.

You *DEFINITELY* do *NOT* want a newline in front of the first header, since
a newline indicates the *END* of the headers.

Actually...  I *GUESS* you could do one call to header() with newlines in
between, and the header function will tack on the last one for you...  But
that's not how the function was designed to be called, nor how normal usage
works...  It would work, but would be a Bad Idea (tm).

> header=($header);

Get rid of the = sign.

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