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Subject: Show of American Solidarity - Read & pass on

> Tomorrow is U.S. Color day. Red, White & Blue should be worn in honor of
> fellow Americans that died. The goal is to get the whole nation to
> participate. Send this to 10 other people.
> In memory of all those who perished; the passengers and the pilots on the
> United Air and AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center and the
> Pentagon, and all the innocent bystanders. Our love goes out to the
> and families of the deceased. Send this to at least 10 people to show your
> support. DONT BREAK IT!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and the freedom it
> represents.
> Try to be wearing as much red white and blue as you can. (jeans are blue,
> everyone owns a white t-shirt, etc.) Send this message to as many other
> people you know. Lets get the whole country into it. And remember to be
> to our fellow Arab-American citizens, who are as American as we.

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