I think I found the answer, but please feel free to still add anything to

session_destroy() terminates the session, which cannot be started up again
until the browser is restarted...

sooo... I just removed session_destroy, and settled for using sess_unset()
to log out of a session.

using this method the session is still open, and the session variables are
still registered. since they are still registered, they can still be used on
the chance that I log in again, correct?

seems to be working fine, but if there are caveats, feel free to let me
know.  thanks!

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Subject: [PHP] session_unset & session_destroy being called outside of

Hello all!   I am switching a variable to check if a user is logging in or
logging out. If the value of the variable is logout, I want the user to
logout, i.e:

case logout:
   $AuthErr = "<FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=red>Session Terminated</FONT>";

What is happening, is after the user authenticates and logs in, everything
looks good, but whenever the user follows any link, the session gets unset
and destroyed. I know that the variable that holds the logout value isn't
even present, so I'm not sure how it's getting called...  has anyone
experienced this before?  How did you get around it?



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