Hi all,

I am switching from VBScript/ASP to PHP and have run into a problem with 
HTML anchors.  My page has a list of links generated from a db.  The links 
reference a second page, which displays multiple records from the db to 
include the referenced one.  I need that page to load to the selected record 
based on the link from the previous page, with the other records ouputted 
before and after the selected record.  Since the selected record's location 
will vary on the page I need to use the html <a href=name> anchors.  The 
names of these anchors are also generated from the database.  The second 
page is loading to the top of the page, regardless of the anchors, which 
appear correctly in the html source code.  I suspect this is because my 
include header files are being sent to the browser before the anchors are 

In ASP I could set the buffer to send the output to the browser all at once, 
which would solve this problem (I think) but I can find nothing similar in 
PHP.  Is there anything?  Or is there another way around this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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