I'm no good at installing on unix systems.

But now i have to make a PHP4 cgi on a FreeBSD server. 
The provider is still in PHP3. Yes, shame shame.

website is at /usr/local/WWW/

mysql works at /home/j/j_ourname/mysql

i tried

configure --with-mysql=/home/j/j_ourname/mysql

(in one line). It still complained that i did not give a mysql path
(which i did!?)

Is the --prefix= valid? I want it to instal here and not in the
default location.

Then MAKE goes along untill 

  Making all in regex
  Making all in .
/ /home/j/j_ourname/php4/php4.0.6/libtool  [................]
ar: .libs/libphp4.a: No space left on device
*** error code 1

*** error code 1



I have no idea how to see how much space i've got. 

Anyone wants to make me a cookbook


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