I have a web page that is generated by a php script and on this page
there are several html text entry slots such as
echo "<b>Special Notes:</b><input name=\"specialNotes\"
on one page.  I fill in several of these input slots with default
values, but there are about 3-4 that require the user to manually type
an answer.  I was wondering if there was a way to control which text
entry slots the cursor will go to when the user hits tab?  Ideally I
would like the cursor to automatically move first to the three that
require the user to type something, and then move on to the slots that
already have a default value.  Is this possible in php, I didn't see any
reference to giving items focus in the manual?  If it is not possible in
php, is there some way that I can have this web page (that is being
generated by a php script) use javascript to create my desired order of
focus?  In general I have not seen any javascript inside a php script,
although judging from a few other messages, this does seem to be

Thanks for any ideas,
    Andrew V. Romero

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