It pretty much means that something has so scrambled the "brains" of the
computer that it just ups and dies.

Well, actually, in the case of Un*x, it means that *PROCESS* dies.  If this
were Windows, it would be a "General Protection Fault".  But it's not
Windows.  The "brains" are all compartmentalized in Un*x so that one program
can't bring the whole machine down.  (Well, in theory...)

In an ideal world, there would be *NOTHING* you could type in PHP that would
cause a segfault.  (Not counting exec et al that would run some program not
under PHP's control.)

For more info on how to deal with the core dump, see:

When these programs puke, they also leave a big pile of vomit in a file
named "core" that can be examined by experts to find out what was in the
stomach of the computer at that time.

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Subject: segmentation fault - core dump

> hi all,
> could someone give me a description of what this really means? i know what
> it means in general, but in php, what are the likely candidates? i thougth
> had it narrowed down to a warning in fopen and a bad fp, but i've taken
> of that, and its still core dumping...i'm using the cgi version, it didn't
> seem to have this problem when accessed via teh web & apache...there's too
> much code to really include, so anyone who has a second and some thoughts
> how this most likely occurs, your thoughts would be much appreciated....
> thanks,
> jack

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