I don't know if there's already a program that do it, phpOpenTracker makes
something like...
But there aren't some of the features that you require...

> 1. From where the viewer is coming.  Easy getting the remote address

Look at $HTTP_REFERER and $REMOTE_ADDR, phpOpenTracker and Web statistics
provide that.

> 2. Which file they are viewing.  Ok think I can handle this.
> 3. How long they are on that particular page?
> 4. Where did they go from there?
> 5. When did the leave the site?

2/3. Quite complex: you have to put some php code in every page:
a. Start a session
b. register in the session the name of the page that the user is viewing
c. register the time

After that you have to create a php program and filter all /tmp/sess* files:
open it, unserialize each line and look at the variables that you need....

4/5. Big big problem, if the user go away using a link in your site, it's
simple, but if the user types the url directly into the address bar, there's
nothing to do, the only thing you can do is delete it using a javascript and
put your similar address bar in a frame near the default address bar
location :), after that make a script that log, close the session and
redirect the user to that

I don't know if something like this will work, i've never tested it.


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