i am using a global variable (curClass), 
which is a reference to some class, 
inside another class i want to change 
the value of this global variable, to
"point" or refer to another class.
but that doesnt work.
am i doing something wrong???

here my code

class temp
  function temp()
    global $curClass;
    $curClass = &${$classNameY};
$curClass = &${classNameX};
$tempi = new temp();
# at this point $curClass still points
# to the class with the name "classNameX"
# not to "classNameY" as i would suppose
# if i used: $curClass = $classNameY; 
# inside the class temp
# $curClass would have the expected value
# but with the "&${}" around it doenst work

thanks 4 your help

Wolfram Kriesing
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