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if you want to work with the passwords that originally are in the shadow-file 
your webserver needs to have read-permissions for the shadow-file, which is 
no good idea.

you could parse out the passwords from the shadow-file and write them into an 
extra password-file only readable for the webserver, which is no good idea 

Or you could use a patched pam-modul which checks the passwords for you, 
which is the best solution i can think of.

But if you want to do a webmail, you actually don't need to check the 
password. Your imap/pop-server will do that for you.

BTW: There already are lots of webmails in php, just check 
nocc.sourceforge.net for example and there are many others.

> Hello all! I a relatively newbie in PHP, so my question may appear silly:
> Please tell me if anyone has knowledge of
> authenticating a user based on his username and password
> from Linux system (shadow or anything).
> I want to make a php WebMail. Also, i want to make
> a ssh virtual web client for the registered user.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,

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