It's my understanding that PHP's normal behavior IS to send the 
header when it is encountered in your program, and then continue 
running the program (unless you have an exit statement after the 

Perhaps you have output buffering turned on?

If that's not the case, please most more info, and perhaps the 
relevant parts of the script if possible.

By the way, I'm pretty sure you don't need those trailing newlines 
("\n\n") there; PHP takes care of that for you. I don't know if 
that's the source of your problem or not...


At 12:59 PM -0400 9/14/01, Poppy Brodsky wrote:
>does not execute until the remainder
>of the script has executed.......
>How can I redirect the user:
>and continue to execute a set of commands
>after the redirection?
>Just having the redirection code before the other code does not work.
>Linux running apache and php4

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