I generally was just diving in immediately... because I was using it for smaller 
projects less than 1k lines of code... but now that I am building everything in PHP 
and becoming more proficient, and writing programs with 5k + lines of code, I am 
discovering a need to write at least a basic plan ahead of time, jotting the code as I 
go if I get an idea, but planning slightly ahead of time... that is. ONLY if it's a 
big project... I am working on one now that when finished will most likely be 15-30k  
lines of code by the time I am done, big project... I did just delve in... now I am 
discovering that may not have been the smartest thing.. I have a piece done, but will 
wind up trying to integrate all the other pieces around that, instead of thinking in 
the grand scheme from the beginning....


On Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:03:29  
 Scott Parks wrote:
>This may sound like an odd question, but I am curious about everyone's coding
>techniques when it comes to web projects.  Do you still down and plan 
>out, database connectivity, tables, etc or do you just dive in and do 
>it?  I am more
>of a guy who just drives in and goes to work.  Do you use spread sheets, a 
>program, etc?  Or just screen captures to the clients?
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