wait a minute... do you want to parse the HTML to get the values to 
populate a mysql table, or do you have this table in another DB and just 
want it copied to your mysql one??

If it is the former, you'll some very hardcore regex work to be done... I 
once did this... it is very stressing work...
- you need to analyse the HTML document and find patterns that indicate 
'begin of row' 'begin and end of column' and 'end of row', 'end of table' - 
these patterns must be unique or you'll find yourself looking for it 
indefinetly and going into an endless loop - do a giant loop that only ends 
on 'end of table' and grab the values within this patterns... the code to 
get this done is huge (not complex), and (I expect) will be only used once, 

At 19:25 16/9/2001 +0500, i_union wrote:

>I  need to get from another page table and put it into MySQL table
>for example  so I need to parse this table
>in database.
>If you have any code how to implement such operation by using php MySQL
>please help me;
>thanks in advance
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