On 16-Sep-2001 Kurt Lieber wrote:
> I'm trying to take a text file and count the number of lines that match
> a regexp.  I've got it working using the following code:
> $data = file("myfile.txt");
> $total = 0;
> foreach($data as $i) {
>       if (ereg("^1,",$i)) {
>               $total = $total + 1;
>       }
> }
> but I'm still learning PHP and am wondering if there's an easier/better
> way to do this?


$data = file("myfile.txt");
$cnt=substr_count(join('~', $data), '~1,'); // change tilde to un-common char
echo $cnt, '<br>';

or burn a few pids:

$cnt=`grep "^1," myfile.txt | wc -l`;
echo $cnt, '<br>';

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