Maybe this is one of FAQ, Please give me a URL of this kind of comparison
page, or your experience.

A web server program is running in my office. It consists of Visual
Basic, IIS, and MS SQL Server on Windows 2000. although the performance
is confortable for few users, it is terribly slow for 40-50 users. Once
all of them start to use, it takes more than 20 seconds to open a page
in client browser.

To improve the performance, we have an idea to use, instead of Microsoft,
PHP, Apache, and mySQL/ProgreSQL on Linux. How much will be the

We also have plan to enhance the hardware, 1PC for DataBase, 2nd and 3rd
for IIS or Apaches. Which has better scalability, VB or PHP?

Masami Kawakami <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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