... and how do you get the server to send a 404 error if the browser calls a
page that doesn't exist with a suffix that is marked to be parsed by php?

Tim Ward

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        Hello Michael,

        Sunday, September 16, 2001, 9:05:35 AM, you wrote:

        MAP> Is it possible to invoke the server 404 error error from php?

        MAP> Where I would like to do such a thing is


        MAP> I would like to replace the line
        MAP>         die ("The file you wish to download does not exist");

        MAP> with instead an invocation of the http 404 error.

        MAP> Theoretically a 404 error should never happen if I properly did
my stuff, but it would be nice for me to be able to detect such problems
just from the http error logs...

        MAP> If there's not a way to directly do it, I'll need to redirect
to a 404 error page (well, include my custom error page) and have the script
make an entry into the http_error log- but a nice one
        MAP> liner invocation of Apache's built in 404 error function would
be nice...

        Yes You can

        header ("404 Not Found");

        should work

        Best regards,
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