You have two ways:

1)Recompile PHP (as it comes with source code) and put your decryption
functions just after the reading of the .PHP and before getting it parsed.

2)If you want to do a windows solution w/o modifying source code then you
have to hack into the PHP code and add your new functions:
The idea is to set a hook on the CreateFileA() and ReadFileA() windows APIs
and replace them with our new functions that only decrypts PHP files (in
memory) and them returns them to PHP.


"Robert Klinkenberg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Is it possible to override the php build-in functions without changing the
> PHP base distribution?
> We want to encode our scripts but zend is a bit expensive so we are
> to write something ourself.
> (encryption libs are freely available, so the main problem is changing the
> file open function so that it decodes the file while reading it from disk)
> Robert Klinkenberg

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