> I'm searching for an easy and 100% correctly working way to encode some text in 
> PHP has an easy and handy function for decoding quoted_printable, but unfortunately 
>there doesn't seem to be an encoding function.
> I saw that someone has written such a function in the comments of the online 
>documentation. Does it work correct?

imap_8bit --  Convert an 8bit string to a quoted-printable string. But
you nedd PHP with IMAP support.

> By the way: with wich encoding should I encode picture-data for e-mails? base64 
>works, but with about 33% more space it doesn't seem to me to be the very best 
>solution :(

Base64 works fine. And I think it is the only best solution now :-)))

Martin Pavlas
ParsCom IS s.r.o.

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