You can use NFS shares, but I've read that it is too slow for most
situations.  My suggestion would be to use a database and use a custom PHP
session handler.  A really good tutorial (including working code) on how to
write custom PHP session handlers utilizing a database can be found at the
following URL:

I've tested this code and it worked fine utilzing MySQL.  You can apply the
same concepts to just about any datasource you want.

Josh Hoover
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> From: Michael Champagne [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Is it possible to handle sessions with PHP between separate 
> web servers?  We
> have 2 Apache servers and would like to share session data 
> between them.  If
> we keep the session data on an NFS mounted drive -- will this 
> work?  Would it
> be better to write custom session handlers to store session 
> data in a database
> accessible from both servers?  It seems like this should be 
> possible, but I'm
> not quite sure how to go about doing it.  Also, this is on 2 separate
> platforms.  One is RedHat Linux 7.1 and the other server is 
> on AIX 4.3.3.
> Thanks in advance for any replies,
> Mike

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