I have a problem with sessions: I have php with sessions autostarting,
compiled with transid support. I have a homepage with a link to another
page protected via Apache's htaccess. Well, the href's in the homepage get
the correct SID=<md5 session id>, then I click the link, I give login and
password, Apache checks and accepts the data, but then in the next page I
get a new session_id value!! (as if the SID passed in the URL were being
lost!). I guess this is not normal. What can I do?.

Many thanks in advanced.

P.S. apache-1.3.20, custom mod_mysql_auth, php-4.0.8-dev (latest snapshot,
4.0.6 had a bug in the imap code, and I haven't returned to 4.0.5 yet).

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