if you are just doing it to read emails my first idea is: get 
some email program and make a pop connection. Then you can 
email offline fine. (duh)

But that can hardly be the reason for you to want to do this.

If it is to read email, there is a POP class around, by Manuel 
Lemos, 1999. With it you can connect to some POP email server 
and get a list of the emails, i guess also only headers. I 
think that's even in the example. Then with a number you can 
collect or delete single emails. It takes some very structured 
programmer (hint: take a spare email address for testing, 
believe me, you'll be glad you did it!)

I am (still) developing something with that class to enter data 
into a MySQL database through structured emails (you can't 
imagine how many tests it needs to prevent mistakes...).

I always forget where i got that class so you'll have to do a 
search (start at phpclasses.upperdesign.com, then sklar.?.?). 
It is called pop3_class.

Manuel used to be on this list too. 

> 1)Goto mail.yahoo.com
> 2)Authenticate (submit username and password)
> 3)proceed to next screen and grab the inbox page (which shows 
the messages
> headers)
> 4)Log out
pfew! i sure hope yahoo supports POP! not a good idea to first 
have yahoo turn the emails into web pages and then you 
dissecting it again, and when you may have figured out the best 
header end border is '</i></td>' they change the layout so it 
suddenly is '</b></td>'.... my head starts aching already ;-)

and then this:
> I know how I can post data, but I wonder how I can keep my 
> authenticated while surfing from page to page...


> Does the fopen() support "https://"; also?


PS: just curious: is Bachaalany your family name? how does one  
pronounce it?

PS 2: I'm hardly ever reading this list so, if for whatever 
reason you reply, please remove [PHP] from the subject line and 
cc it to me.

--  C.Hayes  Droevendaal 35  6708 PB Wageningen  the 
Netherlands  --


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