I'm afraid you have not understood me completely:
My only concern on this topic is: Will the user be forced to wait for the whole 
included php file to load, or the server 
will just take the desired function from that file? My goal here is to call different 
fragments of html code depending 
on user selection by using functions that have the echo command. I am only afraid of 
all functions from included file 
beeing loaded, and not only the called one. Is this the right way to approach this 
problem, or you would suggest smth 

9/18/01 6:25:49 PM, "Chris Lee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>include() has two different workings depnding on how it is called.
>php will open the file and litterally take everything in that and paste into
>where the include() is, just like when you open the file in an editor, the
>file is un-parsed raw src. functions, comments, whitespaces, html, etc, etc,
>php will make a http request to that file, just like if you typed it into
>your browser, ie the remote server will parse the file and only send you the
>parsed data, not the source code, obviously though, how could you get
>someone elses code right?
>  Chris Lee

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