Hi folks.

I have a project with over 270 is_dir, is_file and file-exists function calls.

On unix there are no problems.
On windows (WINNT/PHP Version 4.0.7-dev) these functions may return a warning like:

        Warning: stat failed for log.txt (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in 
D:\wwwroot\testsite-32b2\tslib\class.tslib_fe.php on line 711

This warning is typically returned if I check whether a file exists but it turns out 
that not only the file does not exist, the path does not exist!

Now, there are two solutions I can't use:

1) I will not set error_reporting to exclude warnings, because PHP should to the best 
of my knowledge not at all bother about these things
2) I will not place a @ in front of every function which would potentially return this 

And furthermore I'm puzzled why this error apparently is only on Windows, not on Unix 
and certainly has not always been there since I remember earlier when this project did 
not impose any problems.

So what's up here? Why is this warning justified? And how do I avoid it?

Thanks a lot

(Kasper Skårhøj, Typo3 developer)

Best regards and God's blessings

- kasper
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