Oh, that works wonders and for the first time in 24 hours I am 
smiling!  One more
thing to make it complete.  Is there a way to loop through the display of 
that array?
In other words, I now have an array called $new_data and can call each 
element in
the array by doing $new_data[0], etc, but I need to loop through everything 
in the
array to display the navigation.

 >At 08:54 PM 9/18/2001 -0400, you wrote:
 >so then that last line in the loop should be
 >$new_data[] = $ln;
 >During the loop, everytime it comes to this line, $ln is added to the 
array new_data.  Eventually, you will be >able to call on the array 
elements by $new_data[0], $new_data[1], etc....

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