Rebecca Donley wrote:

> Hi all,
> Several days ago I asked for help with this problem and you gave me
> information on the output control functions, which was much appreciated and
> solved some of my problems.  However, I can't seem to find away around the
> following one:
> I need to pass a variable value from one page to the next via a link.  I
> need to pass it through the querystring for several reasons, the first being
> that I need to provide underlined links to click on, not submit buttons.
> The second, though less important, is that I'd like users to be able to
> bookmark the resulting page and later access it directly with the variable
> included.
> In addition to passing the variable I need to pass an anchor name, so that
> the resulting page loads to the correct place.  I can't seem to make this
> work correctly.  Either the variable gets lost or the anchor doesn't work in
> IE (depending on where I put the quotes in my referrring page).
> Does anyone know how to make this work, or how to pass a variable to a form
> without the querystring and without a submit button?
> Thanks so much in advance,
> Rebecca
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