Hello Adrian,
no short and simple solution
select * from policies
   select count(*) from topics
   if(records) echo link
   else echo nolink
Wednesday, September 19, 2001, 12:11:05 PM, you wrote:
ADC> Hi,
ADC> I have two table:

ADC> policies:
id      ==>> auto increment, primary key
ADC> policy

ADC> topics
id       ==>> auto increment, primary key
ADC> topic
polid  ==>> linked from policies

ADC> In the policies table I have 72 records in the topics 325.  What I am
ADC> trying to do is to display all the 72 record for the policies table but
ADC> only put a hyperlink for the ones that have records in the topics table.
ADC> Any clues.
ADC> Adrian
Best regards,
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