i'm trying to get a chunk of code to look 5 times then print 
something..then look 5 time more....

I really want to loop 5 times (making 5 cells) then print </tr><tr>then 
loop 5 more times for 5 cells...until the count is reached....like if i 
have 22 things i want to have 4 rows of five and one row of two...get what 
i'm trying to do?

heres the code that i have so far

        while ($arraycnt <= (count ($typearray)-1)){
                $type = $typearray[$arraycnt]; //grab a first chair in array
                $sqlquery = "SELECT * FROM chairs WHERE type = '$type'";  //construct 
                while ($tempcnt <= 5){
                        print "<tr bgcolor=\"#ffffff\">";
                                while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
                                        print "<td align=\"center\"><img 
src=\"/img/thumbs/".$myrow[modelnum]."_1.gif\" border=\"0\" 
alt=\"\"><br>Model $myrow[modelnum]</td>";
                                } //close cell loop
                        print "</tr>";
                } //close second while loop
        } //close first while loop

look at http://www.strawhillchairs.com/cat/index.php

to see what i'm trying to do....

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