Assuming that you control the content that you are going to be feeding 
into your column 1, I would set your page up such that it accepted a 
variable passed in as part of the index.php url.
I would then establish separate files on the server for anything that 
you would want as a choice of coming up in column1.
So the javascript function might be the default function, we'll call it 
"def".  You might have a few other choices that the user could choose 
"choice1", "choice2", and "choice3" (these would be the data that the 
user is requesting, and that you want to appear in column1).
Then I would modify the javascript such that it directs the user to 
"index.php?pg=choice1" if the user clicks on choice1.
Then I would modify the index.php page such that if no valid value is 
passed in for $pg, it does an include("def");
However, if a valid value is passed into $pg, you would just do

Sorry for the poor explanation, does this help though?

On Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 03:43 PM, LRW wrote:

> I've got a complicated little thing going on here.
> I have page INDEX.HTM with a 2 column table.
> I want the entire page to remain the same, except column 1. In column 
> 1 I
> have an include() which contains a javascript scrolling menu where on 
> click
> of an option it calls up the selected page.
> As it is, when it calls up that page, it replaces the whole of INDEX.HTM
> with that page.
> This may be more of an HTML question and not PHP, but is there a way to 
> get
> the resulting page from the scrolling menu to stay within the table 
> column
> that contains the include()?
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Liam
> liam @ celticbear . com

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