I'm new to PHP.  I have been heavily modifying a webmail POP client written in PHP by 
someone else for my use.  Anyway, I wrote the following administration script from 
scratch and if someone has time to critique my code that would be great.  If I'm doing 
anything majorly wrong I'd like to know before it becomes a habit.  (The code works 
fine, I'm talking about style and implementation issues).  

Also, if you click on the "Expand" button to expand the view, the database code is 
pretty slow to execute (of course).  If I'm doing anything majorly slow there let me 
know, I'd appreciate the pointer!  :)  (The reason for the HASH table is because SHOW 
TABLES in MySQL is rudimentary compared to a SELECT and does not sort the same way as 
the SELECTS do.  I have to get the data from that into a format that I can SELECT 
with.  Maybe an ARRAY in PHP would be faster?).  


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