Another PHP problem has kept me up all night, scouring through my database 
books and trying everything I could think of. I am still new to the MySQL 
and PHP field, but never the lass I will not give up.
$cat is a variable that is passed to the query from the previous page. The 
SELECT statement works faultlessly, except for the point at which no choice 
is made from the drop down on the page prior to this one. I have set a value

of "x" to the drop down for a non selection, but am having problems 
converting that "x" value to a "%" value (the MySql wildcard symbol) withing
my SELECT statement.
I am assuming that I will need an IF THEN before the SELECT, but I have 
tried several variation to no avail.

$result = mysql_query("SELECT CompetitorName
        FROM competitor, competitorproducts, productcategory
        WHERE competitorproducts.CompID=competitor.ID
        AND productcategory.ID=\"$cat\"
        AND competitorproducts.CatID=productcategory.ID"

Any help would be mostly appreciated.

Neil Silvester
Webmaster / Systems Administrator
Heat and Control Inc.

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