On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 02:34, Jason Bell wrote:
> Thanks lance and David for the reply.  :)
> Yes, I suspected as much, *BUT* let me explain what I am trying to do:
> I have a script I am writing that uses a MySQL backend. I'm including
> an initial configuration interface via the webbrowser. During initial
> configuration, the user provides parameters for dbhost, dbname, dbpass
> etc etc...
> If I simply try and connect, and it fails, I don't want my script to
> error out, or even display an error... I just want it to move along and
> let me deal with informing the user that his database configuration
> does not work correctly.
> now, to do this, could I do something as simple as:
> $conntest = @mysql_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass);
> if ($conntest == "FALSE") {
>             // Do my "Oops didn't work stuff here"
> } else {
>             // Continue with whatever it was I was doing.
> }
> would that work as I expect it to?
> thanks!
> Jason

Here is what I use, called as an include file:

if(!mysql_connect("localhost", "user")):
  /* Return a message to the client and send mail to the administrator */

//Send mail, do page to client saying its broke

  exit; //Drop out and don't continue main script
endif; //All ok continue with script

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