You can do something like


# Master script

switch ($Something) {

    case 1:
       include 'xx1.php';
    case 2:
       include 'xx2.php';

#  ...and so on


# ...include any 'post-processing PHP stuff here, if necessary


Any variables in the master script's scope are in the scope of the 
included files as well.

If you want to actually REDIRECT the user to another page, you can 
use the header function to send a Location: header. See

for more information.


At 8:46 AM +0200 9/21/01, hvm wrote:
>Hi all.
>Is there a command to execute (run) from HTML or a php4 script a 
>other php script without a mouse click (<A HREF=xx.php>).
>I have a lot of php scripts and need them to execute from a master php script.
>any help?
>Thanks all,
>Yours Hans.

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