I need to retrieve image properties from an EPS graphic.  therefore I installed 
ImageMagick on Windows.

This command works very well on the commandline:
C:\>C:\imagemagick\identify.exe -ping -format "%m %f %b %w %h %x %y" http://ws-

However, when executed through PHP (from inside an object):

$cmdline = $this->_imagemagick_identify . 
  sprintf($this->_imagemagick_identify_flags, $this->_imgfile);

/* commandline is now:
    -format \"%m %f %b %w %h %x %y\" http://ws-tgljfix/upload/pusunybkvv.eps";

$res = `$cmdline`;

It doesn't generate any output, but appends the following error message to the 
Apache error log:

[Fri Sep 21 15:13:30 2001] [error] [client xxx.xx.x.xx] identify: Postscript 
delegate failed [No such file or directory].

[Fri Sep 21 15:13:30 2001] [error] [client xxx.xx.x.xx] identify: Missing an 
image file name.

How can I make this work through PHP on Windows?  Thanks for your help.  CC to 
my email appreciated, as I am on the digest list.


Jakob - icq #69728667

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