Hello everyone-

Here's my problem.. I have a script that uploads an image and then resizes
that image to a certain size etc.  Then it takes that image and copies it to
a spefic location.  My problem occurs when trying to copy the file to the
specific location because I get a permission denied (I'm running Linux 7.1
with Apache).  I have the script that does this operation off of the web
root so no one can access it in a browser etc.  I'm trying to change the
permissions on the directory and the file.  I'm also trying to change the
owner of the file.  Finally, I'm trying to copy the file but on all of these
I get a permission denied error.  The script runs under the user of Apache
and the Apache user doesn't have access to chmod, chown, or copy the files
like I need it to.  Is there anyway around this issue?


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