Mostly bug fixes and minor improvements. Added compile id for separate
compiled versions of the same script. The directory format and filename
convention for the files in templates_c has changed, so you may want to
remove all of the existing ones before you upgrade.


Version 1.4.5
    - update FAQ with index of questions at the top
    - update overlib to 3.50, adjust addon code so that the overlib.js
      file isn't modified, and not using the mini one. (Monte)
    - added many more options to html_select_date. (Alexander Skwar,
    - added support for generating different compiled templates from the
      source template. (Hans-Peter Oeri, Andrei)
    - modified Smarty to pass itself to insert functions as the second
      parameter. (Andrei)
    - modified Smarty to pass itself to prefilter functions as the
      parameter. (Andrei)
    - fixed syntax error when including a non-existant template with
      enabled. (Monte)
    - fixed comments handling to allow commenting out template blocks.
    - implemented named capture buffers, with results accessible via
      $smarty.capture.<name>. (Andrei)
    - added ability to index arrays directly by numbers. (Andrei)
    - fixed bug with SMARTY_DIR not prepended to Config_File in

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