I'm using php4 with session
I have a session variable

My problem is I have a mysql database where I pull out  data and put them
into the the session variable
With these data, I want to generate a graph.

if I access to a different page (or link) through <a href=page.php?SID=$SID>
I can see the content of $TABLE. No problem then.

whereas if I use <img src='graph.php?SID=$SID'>, I cannot have $TABLE
content. it's empty.

Does someone know a way a have the content within the page.
Basically, I don't want to send the values of my data in the url such as
<img src='graph.php?SID=$SID&value1=100&value1=150&value1=200'>

I will appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot,

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