You will almost certainly need to find a php_freetype.dll which will provide
the API from PHP to Freetype's DLL...

But there may be DLLs that provide, say, way more than Freetype that will
give you Freetype as a side-effect.  GD, for example, lets you put Freetype
fonts in to Images, at least on Un*x.

Places to search:

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From: Karthikeyan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2001 9:07 AM
Subject: Urgent

Hi guys,

  I have installed php4.0.6 in my system, i am working on winNT environment
with Apache as my web server.  The php is working great, i have also enabled
gd library and i am able to run some of my image program, it is great.

  Now i need different fonts, for that i know i need freetype to be
installed in my system. I download for windows and
when i extracted the zip, it created 3 folders


  i saw freetype.dll in bin folder and copied it into /php4/bin, but still i
am not able to get my program run.

  Waiting for your earliest reply,

  With Regards,


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