If your code doesn't look like this:
you did it wrong.
Replace the == test with your imap_open, but don't go re-arranging the
if/else logic or the header() order.

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From: Alex Sofronie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2001 5:50 PM
Subject: PHP Auth problem

> Hi all
> I have a rather strange problem with php auth:
> i want to authenticate a user through php and validate it through
> imap_open function (to access his email).
> I send WWW-Authenticate header like this:
> header("WWW-Authenticate: Basic Realm=\"Private\"");
> After, i check for isset($PHP_AUTH_USER) and validate it through PHP.
> Can anyone tell me why, for a real user (it really exists), the
> authentication simply fails and asks me again for a username and password,
> without even leaving the authenticate intrinsic routine (the script just
> keeps telling me that the auth is failed, but WITHOUT running imap_open or
> any other part of the script).
> Why is that?
> If anyone has the time and the understanding, i can post the code
> fragment.
> Thanks
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