Sean Straw / PSE wrote:

> The design consideration here is that an SQL dependance means anyone 
> who might want to use the module (this is for dealing with CodeRed and 
> W32/Nimda and no doubt the next IIS worm that strikes) must do SQL 
> setup for a new database, etc.
> oh, and after verifying that the whois protocol is indeed as trivial 
> as I thought is was, I've dealt with that - so at the moment, my 
> script isn't dependant upon any external utilities (obviously, support 
> for updating a firewall would require an external script (fired up 
> from cron), but that isn't required unless you're going to actually 
> enable the firewalling capability, and it still isn't something that 
> is exec'd from the PHP script).

Just to throw my two cents in, I'd agree with Richard that SQL would 
make this much easier.  Yes, you'd need to set up a db or table for the 
SQL stuff, but it's going to be much more scaleable, and my hunch is 
most people that are concerned enough about nimda and future 
worms/viruses/etc are either going to have some SQL database at their 
disposal, or will expend the time/effort to get one.

Also, consider those with multiple web servers - each of them logging 
distinct data would be overkill - a separate DB machine would take the 
load off them (network only, no disk) and keep a centralized copy of logs.

Good luck.

Michael Kimsal
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