Sorry Jack -
thanks for the answer... I probably didn't explain it correctly.

>From page A users have a link to reach the gateway (via POST) leaving
my site (this opens a new browser page).
As soon as they leave the site, page A changes to another page let's
say B. The URL of page B is what I pass to the gateway to have the
answer back.
Users, once reached the gateway, application fill in their data and the
payment is processed. A confirmation/denegation page is shown and
that's it.
So page B should "wait" there for the gateway's answer... for example
reloading every x seconds using a Javascript REFRESH or something like
that. The script will process what in HTTP_POST_VARS...

while waiting B will output something like "Processing you payment.."
and when it receives the answer from the gateway it must update some
database table and display a final confirmation or output a
"transaction not successful".


JD> not sure i follow Gianluca...the script will stay there, its not going
JD> anywhere, so why does it need to "wait"? it'll process whatever info is sent
JD> to it........

JD> -jack

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JD> Hi all -
JD> i have set up a credit card gateway interface. The gateway sends an
JD> answer to a URL (i.e.
JD> I pass to it with the some other data.
JD> My bank documentation is poor and the support is worst.

JD> My question is: how do I make my script at
JD> to wait for the answer?
JD> The gateway send its answer via POST to the URL I specify but I don't
JD> know how to "stay there listening for the answer".

JD> Any idea?
JD> Thanks in advance

JD>                  Gianluca

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