PHP, at this point, does not support MultiDimension arrays.  However, you 
can get around this by placing array's inside arrays.


$myarray[0] = array("element00", "element01","element02");
$myarray[1] = array("element10", "element11","element12");
$myarray[2] = array("element20", "element21","element22");

You would refrence "element11" by

Hope it helps!

-Jason Garber

At 12:03 PM 9/23/2001 +0800, Mark van Proctor wrote:
>I'm trying to fill information that i read out of files into a 2 dimensional
>My main problem (i think) is that i dont know how to declare a 2 dimensional
>array prior to adding parts to it.
>Especially since the size of each internal array and the external array are
>all picked up from the files and read as strings - i'm not sure how to
>convert these to ints.
>I don't know how to test if the data is beign stored in the array because
>when i come out of the "entry" loop, the count() size of the array is 0.
>I'm very new at this so any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.
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