if you just want to output the file to the user, 
should work. If you want to play with the file first, file() will put it in 
an array, fopen() will create a file pointer to it, you could create your 
very own HTTP session (if you know the protocol) with fsockopen()... i'm sure 
there are more, but that's all you need (probably). I would probably use this:


if i wanted to place the whole thing in one variable, not an array.

On Saturday 22 September 2001 20:39, you wrote:
> I am trying to write a php script that will work around a http
> authentication that I do have access to. I am trying to do this so that a
> form process in my control panel can automatically have information sent to
> it from a form that a user will fill out. However, my problem is in trying
> to get PHP to automatically authenticate.
> for example:  I want to be able to call a url like this: 
> http://server.com/greendocks/locked/useradd.htm?user=blah&pass=blah    but
> this url is behind a http authentication.  Is it possible to have this url
> called by a php script?
> And the second part of the question is can I do this process so it is
> completely invisible to the user that this page has been called? Because of
> course I don't want to allow users to have access to everything in my
> control panel.
> Hopefully someone knows what I'm getting at. Thanks for any help you may be
> able to provide.
> Jeff

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