Thanks for the input, unfortunately it didn't help me solve my overall 
problem, so I will post that and see if anyone has any suggestions...

I am basically displaying the Usernames from a .htpasswd file like this...

$fd = fopen ($File, "r");
$Content = fread ($fd, filesize ($File));
$Content=ereg_replace ("\n",":", $Content);
// Explode the file using : as seperator
$MyContent = explode (":", $Content);
// Count it up
$LoU = count($MyContent)-1;
// Close the File

for ($a=0; $a < $LoU; $a+=2)
    printf("\n<TD>%s</TD>%s<TD></TD>", $MyContent[$a], $MyContent[$a+=2]);

This is working perfectly, but what I would like to do is display a number 
next to each one, at the moment it displays...

UserName1   UserName2
UserName3   UserName4

What I would like it to do is

1. UserName1   2. UserName2
3. UserName3   4. UserName4

I cannot figure a way to use $a because it has to skip by 2 in order not to 
display the encrypted passwords..any suggestions???


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