Can you use <group> and <user> directives under <virtualhost> directive??
>From the apache manual, <group> and <user> directive can be used under
virtualhost directives
It can control the uid and gid of the running httpd process, with different
uid and gid...

Right, you can try it.

"Adam Plocher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> gl
> I realize this is more of an apache question, not a php question, but I
> thought you guys of all people, would be able to help me...
> I have an apache server setup, hosting a number of sites.  I need one site
> to be ran under a different user so it can execute shell commands via
> system() under that user.  Does anybody know how I can do this?  I
> the suexec module for apache, and either it doesn't work the way I need it
> to, or I just misconfigured it.
> I'm baffled, any information would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> -Adam

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