G'day folks,

After telling my client that they'd quite happily install anything on their
virtual host that was needed, the chosen hosting company has now renegged and
refuses to install ImageMagick.  To make matters worse, they haven't given us
shell access so we can't compile up our own.  And, as we don't have access to
various directories (e.g. /usr/local/lib), we can't install a pre-built
dynamically-linked version.

What we really need is a statically linked copy of ImageMagick's convert
program.  If anybody can point me at such a beast, I'd much appreciate it.
If not, do you know of another utility (again, we need a prebuilt statically
linked binary) which can resize an arbitrary image into a thumbnail?

Either way, the solution needs to be compiled for FreeBSD 4.3 on an Intel

Thanks for any help.


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