> $FTP_FILE="d:\programme\serv-u\ServUDaemon.ini";

This needs \\ where you have \ to escape the \ -- If you altered your path
to be, say:
You'd have control characters in your filename...

> $fp = fopen("$FTP_FILE", "a");
> ndows\profiles\flo\my
> s=-|RWLCP\nAccess2=D:\Moviez|RLP\nAccess3=D:\Music|RLP";

In some places you have \\ where you need it, in others not.
c:\windows\profiles\flo\my... for example, is bad.

> fwrite($fp,$data);
> fclose($fp);
> That's my code and i want to make newlines in the text file..the file is
> text//plain but instead of a newline there are some awesome letters..

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