Does no one have a clue on this one? I'm really in need of leads here.


> Hey all,
> Two related questions. If I remember correctly this has been beaten to death
> before on the list, but here I am having issues with it, and ending up at
> somewhat of a loss still.
> I've built a media management system for a video company. It is built to
> handle large data assets, such as extended full size video files. As such,
> I've set the max upload file size in the php.ini file to around 3GB.
> I'm running into a bug where the system seems to think that the file upload
> is done at about 140MB on a 300MB file. Everything seems to close out fine
> within the system, acting like the file was originally 140MB and it uploaded
> just fine in the system. But it really is a 300MB file, I promise. Does this
> ring any bells with anyone? This is all over a local network, so I'm not
> inclined to believe that it is network lag triggering the connection to
> close...
> Second, can anyone point me in the right direction within the documentation
> to tell how to override the php.ini fiole on a particular page to allow a
> larger file upload size and a longer session timeout?
> Thanks all,
> Wes

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