what does this mean?

Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array

I look at the line that is causing the warning and it's this:

$errorMsg["error"] = "";



>PHP 3.0.18 stops working after i add over 125 virtual hosts in my
>httpd.conf file. PHP 4.0.6 still working.
>After reaching this limit PHP3 completele stopps delivering pages.
>Searching the archives i recognized, that nearly the same problem was
>reported on http://bugs.php.net, reading Bug Id #5316 and #6842.
>Im running Apache 1.3.20 with PHP 4.0.6 and PHP 3.0.18
>on Solaris 2.7
>Unforenatly i canīt stop serving PHP3 at this moment, so i really need
>for a solution to break through this PHP3 limitation. In addition it
>seems, that PHP4 (at laest after the 4.0.3pl1 release) hasnīt  the
>problem or has a higher limit level.
>Question 1:
>Any chance to configure/patch PHP3 to support more than 255 file
>handles? (equal to "support more than 125 virtual servers" in my
>production environment)?
>Question 2:
>Is the problem reported in the two bug reports above solved in PHP
>4.0.6? Or is it pushed to a later appearance by optimising file handle
>Any one out there who knows more about this? Any hints?
>Thanks in advance.

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