Hello everyone who once knew me!
I am announcing you my return to the greatest list!

I've been traveling for a few month around the world and am now settled
down back in my home town Rome, Italy. I've quit my carrier in Tokyo
and, I will now freelance here for a while until I find something
interesting within Hong Kong, Singapore or Tokyo again. So, this should
explain you why I haven't shown up in the list for a so long. (can hear
some thoughts - "who cares, man.... next mess.")

Anyway, I am very glad of being here back again, and now, since I have
triple of time than before and several personal projects to finally work
on, I think of becoming quite active on the php-general mailing list.

Oh well, who didn't know me can whether ignore this message or just say
hi :-)

Cheers Everybody!
Maxim Maletsky

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